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Brian Allen, Assistant Musical Director

Colleen Sommerville-Leeman

Anna Weggel

Doug Neithercott

Nate Hessberg

Leslie Vincent

Suzie Juul

Anna Luehr

Philip Simondet

Adam Hummel

Keith Hovis

Eric Emch

Alan Lane

Allison Bressi

Tyler Marchant

Sarah Wussow



Swords & Sorcery the Improvised Campaign - The Bearded Company, Theatre in the Round

Pop Sensationz - Babe Train, HUGE Theater

5 First Dates - HUGE Theater

The Shrieking Harpies - Rarig Center Arena

Slender Vale - Mixed Blood Theater

Developers - CFPA Blackbox

Local Music Scene - Bryant Lake Bowl

Bob & Reggie Go to Bed - Comedy Suitcase, Rarig Center Thrust

Michael Bay's Bridgerton VII: Revenge of the Forlorn - Theatre in the Round

Finger Lickin' Good - Rarig Center Thrust

The Biggest Wail From the Bottom of My Heart - RE | dance Group, CFPA Blackbox

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